CFP: Why World Literature? September 2017 issue


The emergence of ‘world literature’ as a critical framework of reading in literary studies has not only recalibrated older methodologies of comparative and postcolonial literature but has also foregrounded the aspect of circulation and reception of literary works in a transnational context. The emphasis that this method of reading puts on the cross-cultural travels of a literary text is reinforced by the global technology of social media and web 2.0 which promises instant connectedness and conjures a virtual world which is self-contained, even though it reflects and engages with the actual world of the socio-political, outside itself. On the one hand, if ‘world literature’ is an effect of globalisation and multiculturalism in the field of literary studies, we would like to ask if this critical framework can be used as a way of pressurising the ‘globe’ of the ‘global’ with its notion of the ‘world’ which is more ambiguous and accommodating in a philosophical sense.

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